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The Alex Rider Fic Exchange

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Spy Fest
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The first-ever Alex Rider fic exchange
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spy_fest is a fic exchange for the Alex Rider fandom, modded by arithilim and annephoenix. The whole point is to have fun and get more AR fics out there!
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Any author is welcome to sign up to participate. No special requirements, just that you are commited to finishing the fest and producing an appropriate fic within the timeframe given. So please do drag your friends along with you :)

Right now, sign ups for the second round are underway!

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Basic Fest Rules

1. Fic Requirements:

-1,000 words minimum

-Beta-read and free of spelling and grammar errors

-Based on the prompt assigned to you

-Not part of a series or a sequel (*though after the fest is over, you're more than welcome to add to your fic ^_^)

2. Fics are due on the date specified! If you cannot make that deadline for whatever reason, you must email the mods and let them know. Extensions are granted at the sole discretion of the mods. We're willing to work with you, but not to grant endless extensions.

3. Fic posting is staggered, with a few stories posted each day over an extended period. Mods will post the stories to the community. Anonymity must be maintained for this entire duration, until the Master List with authors is posted at the conclusion of the fest. Fics should not be posted anywhere else before this.

4. Having fun is required!

comments/questions/concerns (or help?!)+
All questions, feedback, etc. should be directed to the mods at spyfest@gmail.com. Feel free to email any time about whatever. Please do include the penname you're using if you're a participant, just to help keep everything straight.
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